VF 634

VF 634
Vacuum Fillers
The VF 634 is especially suitable for industrial spreadable sausage production. Its large vane cell feed system and hopper with 350-litre content ensure high production output, especially in combination with high-power clipping machines.

• VF 634 with monitor control, for example for AL connection,
with 10“ colour display and Windows-CE control interface
• Outstanding evacuation for first-class product quality
• Synchronisation of feeding speed and feed mechanism ensures high filling capacity.
• Outstanding product quality through optimum filling of vane cells
• Patented built-in weight compensation provides pressure and volume compensation in vane cells for very high portioning accuracy
• Excellent synchronisation of servo and control technology
• Easy synchronisation of auxiliary attachments, for example clipping machines

Performance data
• Filling capacity: 13,200 kg/h or 14,400 kg/h
• Filling pressure: 35 bar or 30 bar
• Portioning performance: up to 700 portions/min.
• Portioning range: 5 to 100,000 g
• Hopper content: 90/350 litres (standard) or 90/240 litres (optional)

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