VF 620

VF 620
Vacuum Fillers
The VF 620 vacuum filler is the all-in-one Generation 600 industrial filler. Its precise product feeding into the vane cell feed system offers significant advantages in terms of quality, such as an unchanging sectional look and even distribution of all filling products. Weight compensation, a standard feature in the series, ensures for even greater portioning accuracy.

VF 620 with monitor control, for example for AL connection,with 10“ colour display and Windows-CE control interface
• Great versatility and flexibility for applications with all types of products
• Patented built-in weight compensation provides pressure and volume compensation in vane cells for very high portioning accuracy
• Excellent synchronisation of servo and control technology
• Portioning accuracy due to guaranteed positive product flow
• Using the Handtmann GD 93-3 inline grinder ensures outstanding product quality and fewer process steps
• Flexible range of uses, for example with Handtmann AL lines, forming machines, etc.
• Easy synchronisation of auxiliary attachments, for example clipping machines
• Flexible integration into line solutions

Performance data
Filling capacity: 6000 kg/h
• Filling pressure: up to 40 bar
• Portioning performance: up to 700 portions/min.
• Portioning range: 5 to 100,000 g
• Hopper content: 90/240 litres (standard) or 90/350 litres (optional)


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