Turbomat 1900/2500/3000

Turbomat 1900/2500/3000
Quality from Tradition
   The challenge faced by modern butcheries today is to produce large numbers of different products of the best and uniform quality as cost-efficiently as possible. With a Turbomat from FESSMANN you can achieve both: quality and productivity.
   The proven FESSMANN technology with multi-stage turbine fan provides the finest smoking taste and accurately reproducible results. Thanks to minimum weight-loss, fast process times and low maintenance and operating cost, this universal system starts paying for itself in the shortest period. The automatic control lets you have everything under control with low deployment of manpower. And when your capacities increase, thanks to the modular construction, the system also just grows with them. Model selection and optional equipment features permit an optimal adaptation of the Turbomat Universal System to your needs.

•  Completely made of stainless steel with low overall height
•  Automatic cleaning as standard
•  Different kinds of heating to select from
•  Optionally with climatic package for optimal maturing
•  Two to three-stage turbine fan for uniform smoking climate in the entire system and the best smoking results
•  Standard equipment with one of our proven controls for reproducible results
•  Modular construction for flexible extension of up to 8 trolleys. Each attachment with its own heating and circulation for short production times with maximum quality
•  Can be combined with all smoke generators of the RATIO family


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