Ti 3000

Ti 3000
SMOKEHOUSES (Industrial System)
We leave weight loss to others
  With the Ti 3000 industrial system, you get over 1.5% more yield as compared to other systems and that with proven FESSMANN quality as well. Completely made of stainless steel and produced in panel construction, the Ti 3000 is universal and can be employed according to your specific requirements. The central unit technology also makes it fl exible and cost saving including the highest circulating air capacity with short process times.
  Look forward to higher system capacities with decreasing weight-loss. A new fan technology with central air circulation unit provides effective production processes and unparalleled fast smoking with even faster drying times. All this with a very high degree of dryness, the best taste and the highest quality.
  The Ti 3000 is an absolute multi-talent as far as the processing of your sausage, meat and fi sh products is concerned. It can execute complete product manufacturing processes with heating, drying, reddening, smoking, roasting, baking, hot-air refining and cooking as well as optional shower cooling and cooling/dehumidifi cation functions. The intelligent FPc 100 control is intuitive and accurate to use and permits storage of 99 different product manufacturing programs up to cold smoking processes.

•  Panel construction and central tender technology for highest air and process capacities
•  Higher flexibility in the implementation of customized product requirements
•  thanks to infinitely variable fan speed
•  Higher system capacities thanks to faster process times = higher yield
•  Use of all well-known feed trolleys possible for the industrial application
•  Use of "extra long" feed trolleys and transport frames
•  Automatic door opener as standard
•  Automatic CIP cleaning systems as standard

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