Slicer 905

Slicer 905
  The Weber Slicer 905 combines innovative slicing technology with versatility, efficiency and ease of operation. The extreme wide cutting throat and blade speeds of up to 1500 rpm allows the industry’s highest throughputs. The improved product control system provides perfect slicing results. Delicate and odd shaped products are easily loaded and sliced.
  The open frame architecture of the 905 allows easy access for operation, maintenance, and cleaning functions. The product control system has been upgraded to allow for more hygienic operation and quicker disassembly for cleaning. The Weber 905 has been designed and constructed to meet the world’s highest sanitation standards.
  The modular design allows the Weber 905 to be used in conjunction with all Weber up and down stream accessories such as stacking, party tray, MCS, etc.
- Extremely wide product throat
- High throughput
- Hygiene on highest level
- Easy and fast cleaning
- Optimal slicing results combined with long blade life
- Minimum give-away, maximum yield
- Versatile: wide range of products and presentations

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