Slicer 604 MCS

Slicer 604 MCS
Industrial processing in perfection: Slicer 604 as fully automatic variant with weigher, rocker, reject conveyor and infeed unit (line divider, grouping conveyor and buffer conveyor). This enables the automatic packing of the portions in the desired die formats of the packing machine.

•  Quick product changeover due to automatic central loading
•  Optimum slice quality even with difficult products
•  Electrically adjustable height of slicing throat
•  Wide range of options available, e.g. interleaver, checkweigher, turntable, autom. infeeder
•  Carrier unit for max. product length of 1700 mm
•  The following presentation forms are possible (depending on configuration): shingles – straight or interweaved, stacks, staggered stack, shavedmeat, slice folding, rotary and oval, pieces up to 50 mm

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