Slicer 404 MLC

Slicer 404 MLC
Clever technology: Slicer 404 with weighing and marking unit. Portions with 
weight deviations are automatically offset on the transport conveyor. 
They can be corrected manually by the operator.

•  Max. cutting speed: 600 rpm
•  Max. product length: 1.200 mm
•  The following presentations forms are possible (depending on configuration): shingles - straight or interleaved, stacks, staggered stack, shaved meat, slice folding, pieces up to 50 mm, portion designer
•  Generic portion design, individual settings related to the given traverse paths of the control unit CCU
•  Wide range of options available, e.g. interleaver, automatic infeeder and checkweigher
•  Wide slicing throat
•  Reduced feathering
•  Increased slicing quality
•  No thick and thin slices because of product support conveyor

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