Slicer 404 SLC

Slicer 404 SLC
Everything under control: Slicer 404 as complete processing line with 
weigher, rocker, reject conveyor and transport conveyor. Portions 
that are not within the weight limits are detected by the weigher, guided on to the reject conveyor by the rocker and corrected there by hand.

•  Max. cutting speed: 600 rpm
•  Max. product length: 1.200 mm
•  The following presentations forms are possible (depending on configuration): shingles - straight or interleaved, stacks, staggered stack, shaved meat, slice folding, pieces up to 50 mm, portion designer
•  Generic portion design, individual settings related to the given traverse paths of the control unit CCU
•  Wide range of options available, e.g. interleaver, automatic infeeder and checkweigher
•  Wide slicing throat
•  Reduced feathering
•  Increased slicing quality
•  No thick and thin slices because of product support conveyor

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