LS-1800 Launcher Style Loader

LS-1400 Launcher Style Loader

The Drake Launcher Style high speed Autoloaders are the most sanitary loaders on the market today.
These units can handle skinless or skin-on, cooked and chilled products from 14 to 32mm in diameter* and from 3 1/8” length (79.375mm) to 8 3/4” length (222.25mm).
The model LS-1800 can load up to 1,800 pieces of a 5” long (127mm) product with a 98% fill rate.
All Drake Autoloaders feature touch screen controls that allow for easy addition of new recipes and rapid adjustment to various areas of the loader.
The Drake LS-1800 launcher style loader offers a compact footprint and a design that allows it to be stripped for cleaning in less than an hour.
This unit’s launcher section utilizes sanitary food belts that easily remove for cleaning.

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