Optimal hand hygiene - step by step

INLET Control, type 23740
HYGIENE (Optimal hand hygiene - step by step)
The INLET Control works as follows: both hands are held under the disinfectant dispenser at the same time and sprayed all over with an adjustable amount of disinfectant. Complete moistening of the hands is assured through specially positioned pairs of nozzles.
Access to the sensitive production areas is only granted via a motorised turnstile after intensive hand disinfection. The progress of the access process is visualised by means of a traffic light system.
For uncompromising personal hygiene at the point of access to production areas, the Inlet Control can be combined with all ITEC access systems which, when passed through, clean and disinfect soles.
Can be combined with all commonly available electronic recording systems, such as card readers.
Maintenance-free use (approx. eight million passages).

DUOSOAP, type 23741
HYGIENE (Optimal hand hygiene - step by step)
Automatic application of liquid soap using the DUOSOAP, type 23741, with turnstile release. Can be combined with all commonly available electronic employee attendance systems, such as card readers.

INLET Gate, type 2374
HYGIENE (Optimal hand hygiene - step by step)
All ITEC liquid soap and disinfectant dispensers can also be supplied with two-arm turnstiles and can easily be installed within escape routes. Using special door terminals, the turnstile can be set to a certain position which allows unrestricted access.


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Apron-cleaning cupboard type 2302
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Arm-operated dispenser made of stainless steel
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for knives and safety gloves type 22510
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Optimal hand hygiene - step by step
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Safe storing at the end of production
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Soap dispenser DUOSOAP type 23702
Sole Cleaner, Solo-Traditio, Hygiene Station Traditio Complete
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Staff room equipment compliant with German workplace regulations
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