Powerful frozen block cutters
The STARCUTTER 314/344 is an ideal machine for the reduction of frozen meat or other food. Many common European and American block sizes can be processed at temperatures down to -30°C. The working platform table can be used to unpack the product. It is designed at an ergonomical appropriate height. Depending on the requested cutting result, different blade sets can be chosen.

3, 6 or 9 mm (STARCUTTER 314) and 

14, 17 or 20 mm (STARCUTTER 344) thickness.

Due to the continuous cut of this machine up to 4 t/h can be processed. Both machines are noise protected. With the closed drum the machine can also be used for IQF product with only minor changes. The Cover can be swung open completely allowing easy access to all parts which may come in contact with product. Thereby reducing the cleaning time enormously.

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